I Heart PV by Solar One
Solar Electric Energy (aka Photovotaics, or just PV) could provide an enormous share of NYC's electricity supply in the future. While currently more expensive than conventional generating technologies, a number of policies and incentives can be implemented to make solar more affordable in NYC. I Heart PV is a new campaign (to be launched at Citysol!) that will focus its local efforts on gaining State level support for effective policies that will make PV more viable in NYC in the near future by removing unnecessary barriers and creating special incentives for in-city projects.

Habana Labs
Habana Labs is dedicated to researching, developing, applying and teaching the best technology related to ecology and sustainable energy.

Biodiesel and a Ford Bronco -- The BioBronc Project is an exploration of how to retrofit this truck to be environmentally responsible in emissions and efficiency. It combines open source, online documenting tools, which enable video to be watched while further information is revealed in time-based comments. Various media styles are explored to make information accessible and entertaining while encouraging viewer contribution for transparency and varied levels of information depending on a viewer's interests.

Tristate Biodiesel

Provides recycling information (based in UK)

Earth 911
Earth 911 delivers actionable local information on recycling and product stewardship that empowers consumers to act locally, live responsibly and contribute to sustainability.

Some articles on the problems with plastic bags and ideas for reuse:

Fighting the Plastic Bag Menace
by Alex Steffen of WorldChanging

Save Oil, Save Trees: Reuse Your Grocery Bags
from Sierra Club

We'll be continually adding useful references on green energy alternatives and recycling/reuse of various materials to this section

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